Auto Detailing in Santa Rosa involves dealing with car waxing, sealing and polishing. If you own a car, chances are, at one point or the other, you have had one or more of these services performed on your car. Basically, they involve applying an invisible barrier of protection on the surface of your car. These help your clear coat from becoming contaminated and keep your car cleaner for a much longer time. Just as we humans use jackets and coats to protect us from the environmental elements, so do waxes, sealants and polish protect the surface of cars? Additionally, high-quality paint sealers and waxes have the ability to enhance wellness, shine, slickness, and durability of a car’s exterior.

In several cases, the terms “wax”, “polish” and “sealant” are often mistakenly used interchangeably in the automotive industry. This should however not be the case as each of these services is different and should be treated as such. Luckily, we are not like any other company offering car detailing in Santa Rosa because we recognize the difference and will explain these to you.

A wax is a diverse blend of materials that can be described as a malleable solid. Basically, this refers to as a substance those changes from solid to a liquid state at an ambient or slightly elevated temperature. Car waxes work as a protective layer (often referred to as a sacrificial barrier) between the surface of the car and the environment. When you walk into a business offering auto detailing services in Santa Rosa, you are likely to find a variety of waxes available. Commonly, Carnauba, paraffin and Montana waxes are used. These are all natural options but synthetic variants are also available.


Car wax is usually applied onto the surface of a car after washing. The wax, when applied, dries into a thin, milky-white layer which is then buffed off or wiped with a microfiber towel. Car wax acts by filling the microscopic dimples in the clear-coat of your car, helping it to shine like the day you bought it from the dealership. This protection is important as to keep road film, airborne pollutants, acid rain and whatever other contaminants from sticking onto the surface of the car, causing further damage.

It is important to note that even if they are mostly advertised in this way, waxes do not usually come in their 100% wax form. For example, you may see some mobile auto detailing in Santa Rosa, CA advertising that their waxes are 100% Carnauba but this is a little misleading. In its raw, unrefined form, Carnauba wax is too hard to be spreadable onto the surface of a car. In order to make it malleable, oils are blended into it to provide lubrication and solvents in which the wax is soluble are added. Scents and colorants are also added. Blending different types of waxes together enables us as an auto detailing in Santa Rosa to achieve different results like clarity, ease of use and color enhancement.

With a good wax, as a general rule regarding the application is once every 4-6 weeks. This is for a general use car that is parked in a garage or covered. If your car is left outside for long periods of time exposed to the elements, you may want to wax more often.


The term “sealant” can be pretty misleading. In the past, a paint sealant has been used in a way that mimics the characteristics of a wax. However, these are made from synthetic materials unlike waxes, which are made from organic materials. These were known to be more robust than waxes but they still suffered the same shortcomings (succumbing to harsh soaps and chemicals as well as very high temperatures).

In most garages offering mobile auto detailing in Santa Rosa, CA, you can now find silica-based sealants. These are also known by other names such as quartz, ceramic coating or silicon dioxide. These are different from wax as they actually create a curing property when applied to the surface. These create a chemical bond with the paint of the car, making it resistant to soaps, water, and environmental pollutants.

Sealants provide much more durability than waxes as they are able to resist UV rays from the sun, heat, harsh detergents and environmental pollutants. The main difference between sealants and waxes is that sealants chemically bond with the paint of the car while waxes merely sit on the paint’s surface.

Depending on the type of sealant you decide to purchase, your car can get 2-4 months of protection. Waxes don’t last as long as sealants, but this is also dependant on the environment.

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Paint polishes usually come in liquid form. They are very fine abrasives that are designed to refine and cut the clear coat of a car. They can be used in conjunction with a machine or by hand. They only offer corrective properties and not protective. Polishing paint will have the most significant effect of enhancing the appearance of your car as compared to sealants and waxes. Polishes that are very aggressive are referred to as compounds. These can be thought of as liquid sandpaper as they quickly flatten paint’s uneven surface.


This is an oil-rich liquid that is designed to temporarily hide scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle. They are usually inexpensive and if you go to a low quality mobile auto detailing in Santa Rosa, CA, they may use this to hide the heavy compounding they have performed on your car. Glazes have the shortest protection longevity, lasting only a week or two. Basically, their advantage is mostly for show and they are not really necessary.

We would like you to know all about Car detailing Santa Rosa, that’s why we provide you with all the essential information for you to make the right choices for your car.