tips for how to safely wash your car

This article covers tips for safely washing your car, from microfiber towels to parking it in the shade. It also discusses using a dedicated car wash soap. In addition, it mentions tips for drying your car. Start with the top of the vehicle and work your way down. To dry your car’s exterior, use a large towel and pull it towards you, frequently turning it and folding it into a square to prevent streaking. Similarly, to dry your car’s interior, you must clean the jambs, sills, seals, and exterior doors. Make sure to dry the areas underneath the doors to avoid soaking the sills.

Use a microfiber towel instead of sponges or cotton towels

While microfiber towels are typically safe to use, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start cleaning your car with them. To prevent streaks, you should never use a towel with fabric softeners or leave it unwashed on the floor. Microfiber towels can be contaminated with lint and dirt if they have been dropped or are used for cleaning delicate items.

Scrub off bird droppings and bugs

You can use a wet rag and some laundry soap to scrub off bird poop. These products neutralize the acid and don’t need to be rinsed or buffed off. They work best when you clean your car right away after noticing the poop. However, you should keep in mind that some bird poop is still semi-fresh. If you’re going to wash your car after you see the poop, use a seltzer water or club soda to remove it from your paint.

Park your car in the shade

When washing your car, find a place in the shade to ensure you don’t end up damaging the interior. The sun dries soap and water too quickly, which can leave water marks, splotchy paint, and more. While washing your car in direct sunlight is fine for general cleaning, it’s not a great idea to wash your car right after driving in it. Rather, wash it a few hours later.

Use a dedicated car wash soap

After washing your vehicle, you should thoroughly rinse it. It is important to hose the car off with a pressure washer to remove excess water, and make sure to wash the sides, pillars, windows, and quarter panel. Use the hose without a nozzle to prevent the water from pooling. It is also helpful to dry your car in straight lines to avoid water spots. Finally, use a polish or wax to protect the paint and add shine.

Pre-rinse your car

Before beginning the car wash, it is vital to pre-rinse your vehicle. The pre-rinse is basically the first step of the car wash process, and it is important to use a medium-pressure hose to spray a sufficient amount of water. You should aim to spray 80% of the car’s surface area, and allow the car to drip dry before proceeding. A paint-safe squeegee, synthetic chamois, or microfiber drying towel should be used to clean windows.

Wash your wheels and tires first

When washing your car, make sure to wash your wheels and tires first. Doing so prevents dirt from respraying onto the panels of your car. You can use a special cleaner for your tires, such as Armor All, that’s safe for all wheels. A tire protectant will help protect your tires from damaging UV rays, ozone, and corrosive chemicals. In addition to keeping your car looking newer, this step will also extend the life of your tires.