Headlight Restoration


Are your headlights getting yellow, dull or foggy?
Headlight remediation gets rid of dull, yellowed headlight develop up!
We can clean and restore your headlights, tail lights and fog lights with our progressive wet sanding and polishing methods for optimum presence. Safeguard yourself and your vehicle while improving its look.

Beginning at $25/Headlight– Contact Us!

Headlight Restoration– Safety First
Dull, yellow, misted up headlights can be danger while driving. Not just for you, however for other lorries, as well. The capability to see, and be seen, is incredibly important for the security of you and other lorries around you.

The cloudy appearance of your headlights is brought on by years of oxidation. Oxidized headlights aren’t always the bad maintenance, they are the outcome of time and exposure to the outside components. UV light, roadway debris, sun and other atmospheric aspects can all add to your cloudy headlights.

Headlights today are built of polycarbonate products and are harder than the old glass headlights. They are more resilient but also tougher to avoid clouding up and keep clear. They have a UV covering that helps protect the plastic lens and extends its life.

Rely on Our Professional Headlight Remediation Experience
We use 3 step procedure to clean and restore your yellow, fogged up and cloudy headlights. The procedure is reasonably easy and the key to success is our experience and having the correct tools and equipment.

-Strip the old coating entirely off the lens
-Uniformly apply a suitable density of a brand-new nano-ceramic coating
-Once the finishing is entirely dry, you have a crystal-clear headlight

Headlight restoration can be a less costly alternative to changing your headlamps. Considering new, or even used, headlights are $200 or more, headlight restoration from a trained professional is definitely the most cost effective option. There are also diy alternatives but not having the appropriate tools, devices, or experience can only increase disappointment.


Call Us Today to Schedule your Headlight Restoration – Starting at just $25/headlight. 3 Year Warranty Comes Standard.

Call SudStud Mobile Detailing at 707-536-1551 or use our online appointment form to book your appointment in under 3 minutes!  Let us revitalize your cloudy headlights today!

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