Motorcycle Detailing

From the start, SudStud Mobile Detailing has offered detailing services for many different styles of motorcycles, catering to a wide variety of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the Bay Area. How do we do it?

The Best Motorcycle Detailing Service

in Santa Rosa starts with an extensive wash to make sure all areas of the bike are clean of insects, road tar, and grime. Next up, every painted surface receives a thorough clay bar treatment. This shears off any surface contaminants that have embedded themselves in the paint, revealing a much greater depth of reflection and color in the substrate. Then, all swirls and great scratches on painted surfaces are polished to ensure a swirl-free surface.

For Harley’s and other high chrome-finished motorcycles, we utilize a fantastic high speed rotary metal polish coupled with a durable synthetic sealant to beautify & protect. Finally, All surface areas will be treated with a resilient premium quality poly wax to shield your bike’s finish for months to come.

What else does our Premium Motorcycle Detail include?

In addition to the above services:

Clean & Condition Leather Seats, Trim

Clean Windshield & Headlight Assemblies

Clean Wheels, Fenders, Fairings

Dress Tires

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Price range

4-6 months

Ready to have your bike looking its best?

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