Boat Detailing

Owning a personal boat to navigate around just about anywhere you want in the open sea is an ideal luxury possession for almost anyone. Sadly, not everyone can afford to own their own personal boat for an adventurous life, and that is precisely why you should not take your personal boat for granted.

Occasional maintenance of your boat can help your boat to retain its genuine durability, and its beautiful exterior and interior look for a longer duration.

It is therefore important to treat your boat with utmost care occasionally by scheduling a maintenance boat detailing near me. Our maintenance wash package is priced at only $12/ foot, so you can be sure your watercraft is in tip-top shape year round. If you do decide to schedule an appointment for a boat detailing service, here are the three main services to expect:

Dusty/hazy boat? Our oxidation removal packages are guaranteed to restore your boat’s original luster and deep shine. 



Ironic, isn’t it? A thing that is specifically designed to stay afloat for the maximum duration of its lifespan has to undergo washing once a while. While a boat does not pick up as much dust as other conventional automobiles, primarily because they do not navigate through the dusty roads, it does accumulate some other forms of dirt.

A boat that has been on the sea for a long duration without any maintenance can lead to the accumulation of dirt particles such as grease, grime, and salt on its deck. All these dirt particle accumulations can reduce the durability of your boat, hence, reducing its overall active lifespan.

A good boat detailing near me can help preserve the durability of the boat by thoroughly washing away all the dirt on the deck so that your boat is ready for its next sail.


Waxing is necessary and important step in the boat detailing process. Without any sort of protection, your watercraft’s colors will fade and develop a chalky or hazy appearance. Applying a protectant like wax, sealant, or ceramic coating helps protect your boat’s gelcoat from the elements for years to come. Make sure to apply the coating routinely, regardless of how often you decide to have this service performed.


Who doesn’t like to keep their boat as new as possible? Nobody likes to climb in on a dirty boat that gives a strongly unconvincing sense of security. Even though a boat’s appearance does not contribute significantly to its stability or durability, a well-polished boat certainly promotes a positive attitude, especially on a large open ocean.

Excess exposure to salt water and severe weather conditions all play a big role in diminishing your boat’s original looks. What’s more, the gelcoat on boats and RVs is highly susceptible to oxidation, which forms an unsightly, chalky haze over the surface. Boat detailing near me helps your boat to retain its authentic like-new appearance by applying an extra layer of shine to your watercraft.

We have package options available from a simple wash to extensive gelcoat restoration similar to the photo seen above. For more information about our boat & watercraft detailing packages, contact us today.