Benefits Of Waxing Your Vehicle

Benefits Of Waxing Your Vehicle

Years ago, waxing your car every so often was a common practice. Chances are, you have walked into the garage with your dad hunched over the car with a towel in hand, waxing the family car. However, with the rise of technology in mobile auto detailing, waxing seems to have taken a back seat. Most people do not spend that extra time to wax the car. It is commonly said that modern paints are good enough and all that the car needs is a regular wash to keep it looking shiny and new.

However, this is not the case. As a company offering car detailing in Santa Rosa, we would like to advise against getting out of the habit of waxing your car. By not applying wax to your car, you are exposing the surface of your car’s paint to a number of potential issues. This is because the thin protective layer, known as clear coat, that protects the paint of your car can degrade over time, allowing it to be penetrated by the elements. This exposes the color coat beneath to oxidation, road salt, and other dangers. Adding a coat of wax adds a layer of protection to your car, reducing expenses for potential repairs.

Benefits Of Waxing Your Vehicle

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Here, we discuss the benefits of waxing your car, either by yourself or taking your car for mobile auto detailing in Santa Rosa CA.

1. Adding an extra protective layer

You can think of waxing as putting on a jacket during the cold or rainy seasons. Exposure to the elements affects your car just as it would affect you if you walked around outside in the snow without much on. Even if your car is new or you have an impressive clear coat paint from a mobile car detailing in Santa Rosa, extreme weather conditions or prolonged exposure can break down this protective layer. This leaves your vehicle vulnerable to further damage from UV radiation, road salt, insects and road debris. To avoid the expense of a shop respraying your factory clear coating, adding an extra layer of protection with wax will greatly help. Whatever could have damaged the clear coat paint will instead impact the wax which can easily be restored if need be.

2. Make washing your car a much easier experience

Have you ever been driving home when there’s a slight drizzle after a particularly dry period? If you have, you have experienced the annoying film of dirt and grime that accumulates on the surface of your car. Not only is this unsightly but it’s also annoying to wash off. By waxing your car regularly, washing should not be an issue because the wax acts as a protective layer. This means that any water or grime easily rolls off the surface of the car eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals being used or too much force. Either of these will clean your car but will damage your car’s paint job with time.

3. Maintaining that shiny and new appearance

Before clear coating was adopted, routine car waxing was the norm this was done in order to maintain the new-car shine. If people did not want to do the waxing on their own, all they had to do was take their car to any best auto detailing in Santa Rosa to get the job done. However, as you can imagine, this was quite a tedious, time-consuming process that was even harder if you had to do the waxing on your own. Clearcoat was then brought into the market but even with it, waxing still had to be done – only less often.

As much as you may take care of the major parts of your car, such as the engine and gearbox, it is important to think about the aesthetics of your car. This is especially important if you are planning to resell your car. The resale value will be much higher with a good=looking exterior.

4. Keeping your paint job chip-free

When driving, your car is frequently exposed to several small impacts. This ranges from insects to flying debris to tiny pebbles. Over time, these seemingly negligible impacts can lead to a significantly chipped paint job. Although routine waxing will not provide iron armor against your paint chipping, it will greatly reduce the effect on your vehicle’s appearance. Without routine waxing, you may have to put up with the unsightly sight of chips and marks on the surface of your car or even have to part with a lot of money for a partial paint job.

5. Diminishing appearance of paint scratches

For car enthusiasts in Santa Rosa, a scratch on the surface of their car can be very dreadful. As much as you want the performance of your car to be perfect, the appearance of it should also be pristine. Unfortunately, scratches are highly ranked among the most common paint defects. Waxing will not magically make all the scratches on your car disappear. It will, however, make shallow scratches less obvious at first glance. Waxing is a quick fix to the appearance of a car that has small scratches.

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How often should you wax your car?

Having been in the industry of mobile detailing near me for several years, we can comfortably advise that waxing should, at the very least, not be done less than twice a year. The timing for this is also important; once in spring before the blistering summer temperatures, and once before winter to protect against snow, hail, and rain. You can easily tell if your car needs another wax by watching how water runs off it.

It should form nice beads. Otherwise, it is time to wax again. This is known as the water test. The touch test is done by running your fingers across the body of the car. If it feels rough or gritty even after a wash, it is time to wax. To protect your car, even more, we recommend waxing four times a year. Just keep a regular schedule of waxing every three months.


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